Housing and Mortgage Management and Oversight

A Strategy for Successful Management and Oversight of Housing and Mortgage Programs and Activities

The ongoing management and oversight of the US Housing industry, and the associated mortgages, encompasses conducting a broad range of activities and functions within Federal, state, and local governments; as well as in the private sector. These services and functions are designed to improve the housing stock availability at the lowest cost to the Federal government. They are also designed to mitigate losses to the government's insurance funds, ensure that predatory lending practices are limited, ensure that mortgage origination processes are sound, ensure that the acquisition and disposition of Section 8 properties is efficient, ensure that bond issuances secured by government revenue streams are sustainable, and that asset disposition programs of Federal government owned housing (in partnership with the private sector ) yield reasonable returns to the Federal government and meet broad public policy objectives. To accomplish these goals, a successful public sector housing program must have at its core: Property Appraisal, Listing, Titling, Offer Acceptance, Sales Closing, Data Management, Preservation, and Property Maintenance. Regis & Associates, PC's relevant experience in the housing industry makes it uniquely qualified to provide a broad range of housing and mortgage related services to the public and private sectors.

How we Can Assist Agency Program Managers with Housing and Mortgage Industry Management and Oversight

  • Financial advisory services (equity monitoring) on the sale of asset portfolios
  • REO asset management services
  • Management and oversight of loss mitigation programs
  • Conducting housing inventories and assessments
  • Performance reviews of Management and Marketing contractors/ servicers and housing programs
  • Conducting error rate determination audits in accordance with the Improper Payments Information Act
  • Financial management of troubled housing authorities, including development and implementation of corrective action plans
  • Analysis and advisory services of bond submittals under HUD's Capital Fund Financing Program
  • Review and assessment of HUD Mortgage Origination lenders
  • Financial and administrative program support to property disposition operations
  • Administrative support throughout the housing program management life cycle
  • Development and implementation of key housing program performance indicators
  • Pre-award surveys of grantees and financial capacity assessments
  • Development of risk-based monitoring programs and ranking systems of housing program participants, including automated rules-based engines for program oversight
  • Performance and compliance auditing - (efficiency and effectiveness analyses)
  • Assistance with reporting to GAO, Congress, upper management, and Accountability and Transparency Board
  • Procurement systems reviews

Our Relevant Housing and Mortgage Industry Experience

  • Served as the Equity Monitor for HUD's Section 601 Accelerated Sales Disposition Program
  • Conducted large-scale Risk-Based Monthly Compliance Reviews of Single Family Management and Marketing Contractors (M&M) under HUD's Single Family Acquired Asset Disposition Program
  • Developed and implemented significant modifications to HUD's Single Family Risk Based Targeting Module (RBTM)
  • Conducted numerous compliance audits and Agreed-upon Procedures reviews of Debt Restructurings under HUD's Mark-to-Market Program
  • Conducted audits of HUD Preservation Offices' M2M Restructuring activities
  • Conducted compliance reviews of Rehabilitation Escrow Administrators' accounts under HUD's Mark-to-Market Program
  • Provided monitoring support services of HUD's Single Family Property Disposition Operations
  • Conducted two large nation-wide Project-based Billing Study of Section 8 Projects, under the Improper Payments Information Act of 2002
  • Conducted a compliance review of a one of the nation's largest housing authority's Moving to Work Program for HUD
  • Conducted management assessments of public housing authorities for HUD under its Capital Fund Financing Program
  • Conducted an assessment and issued an opinion on a housing authority's Capital Fund Financing Program's Revenue Bond Submission for HUD-OPIH
  • Development and implementation of a financial corrective action plan for a troubled housing authority in receivership and operation of its day-to-day financial activities
  • Conducted numerous Contractor Assessment Reviews (CARS) of Ginnie Mae contractors
  • Development and conducting of Enterprise Security Awareness Training (ESAT) for HUD's staff and contractors.