Transportation Program Oversight Services

A Strategy for Successful Management and Oversight of the Nation's Transportation Infrastructure Development Projects

Each year, the Federal government budgets funding for the Department of Transportation for a broad range of transportation infrastructure development and improvement projects. These projects range from mass rail, commuter bus systems, aviation systems, road and bridge construction, and many others. Some of these funds are, in turn, awarded to state transportation agencies and various other quasi governmental organizations in the form of grants and contracts for the execution of transportation programs, activities and functions. These transportation infrastructure programs and their oversight are authorized under such guidance as Section 5309 of the Federal Public Transportation Law, as amended by SAFETEA-LU, and 49 USC Section 5327 (c) and others. Oversight of these transportation programs are typically designed to measure a grantee's effectiveness in carrying out project obligations under a grant agreement, to assess the project's feasibility, and to evaluate a project sponsor's ability to undertake and complete a major transportation project. Oversight of these programs is also designed to assess a project sponsor's plan, including financial commitments, sources of non-federal funding, revenue, cost projections, and performance.

How we Can Assist Agency Program Managers with Transportation Infrastructure Program Management and Oversight

  • Performance Auditing - (efficiency and effectiveness analyses)
  • Administrative support throughout the grants management life cycle
  • Financial and compliance audits of grantees
  • Indirect cost rate reviews
  • Development and implementation of key grant performance indicators
  • Management of web-based grants management applications
  • Pre-Award surveys of grantees and financial capacity assessments
  • Development of risk-based monitoring programs and ranking systems of grant recipients
  • Development of automated rules-based engines for program oversight
  • Assistance with reporting to GAO, Congress, upper management, and Accountability and Transparency Board
  • Procurement systems reviews

Our Relevant Transportation Industry Assurance Experience

  • Regis & Associates, PC has performed several Financial Capacity Assessments of transportation capital investment projects under the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) New Starts or Small Starts programs (Section 5309 grants). These reviews are designed to assess the financial capability of grantees to meet Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) obligations and maintain their existing transit operations.
  • Regis & Associates, PC has performed several Follow-up reviews of transportation infrastructure projects for FTA, that are designed to ensure that all corrective actions previously recommended (or appropriate alternatives) were implemented and are currently operating effectively.
  • Regis & Associates, PC has performed numerous Agreed-upon Procedures engagements for FTA, that entail analyses that are designed to address specific issues identified with transportation infrastructure projects.We have also assisted the FTA in updating its FMO manual.
  • Regis & Associates, PC has also performed several indirect rate cost reviews, relative to state transit agencies and relevant to specific transportation infrastructure grants.
  • We have also provided a broad range of audit related services to the DOT, such as assistance in maintaining OTrak, its grantee audit and review tracking system.